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OHSAS 18001: Accreditation In Progress

You need a trusted auditor for your Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) certification. Choose
Quantum Certification Services(QCS) for personal, expert auditor services, tailored to your business needs.


BENEFITS OF ISO 14001:2004

Ensure organisation's concern on safety of employees and other affected individuals. Gives improvement in company's image and attract most qualified personnels, best suppliers, good customers and other interested parties. Provides a system for continually identifying legal and other requirements. Provides a structured approach to risk assessment within the organsiation. Reduces accidents and occupational ill health. Reduces stress and greater productivity. Increases employee moral. Employees feel responsibility towards goals set by organisation A reduction in likelihood of paying legal costs and compensation. Most parts of legal compliance audits by customers are covered (In case of export oriented units) To demonstrate organization commitment that will lead to sustainable development, continual improvement and the new challenges posed by globalization.


OHSAS 18001OHSMS/OHSAS 18001 Overview
QCS will be accredited for Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) standards conforming to Occupation
Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001, CSA Z1000, and/or ANSI/AIHA Z10 to organizations worldwide. OHSAS 18001
is the most recognized international standard for health and safety management and is a key standard of the OHSMS. OHSMS
certification is relevant to all businesses, but is typically applied in industries with higher risk situations regarding
health and safety of its workers and visitors. At this time, it is voluntary to implement and follow an OHSMS.

Companies achieving OHSQuantum Certificationification benefit from:
Points to be Hilighted
reduced accidents and improved health of its workers, both of which lead to reduced insurance premiums.
enhanced safety controls in the work environment.
a documented safety and health management system outlining steps for management review, internal audits, incident
reporting and corrective actions, communication with interested parties and more.


While certification is not required at this time, implementing and following an effective OHSMS plan allows your business to create:

A detailed and extensive hazard and risk assessment for all operational aspects, as well as preventative steps aimed at
their mitigation.
Clear and well-communicated best practices for the safety and health of employees, contractors and visitors.


Why choose QCS as your OHSMS auditor?

QCS has a “No Surprises” philosophy that reduces the uncertainty of the OHSMS standards. By becoming an integral part
of your team, and providing you with easy-to-follow OHSMS audit checklists and worksheets, we get to know your business
and help you thoroughly prepare. This reduces stress, helps facilitate the certification process and maintain your
certification status.
We maintain open communication with you throughout the entire process. We welcome your feedback and discussion in
an objective manner. Our proprietary certification process is designed to provide objective, value-added feedback
on your business performance. Our auditors also are required to pass an industry competency test, which ensures you
have the most knowledgeable auditors working to help you with the ISO 18001 certification process.
At the end of the assessment, we conduct a closing meeting where findings, recommendations and improvement plans
(if necessary) are discussed. If the audit is successful, you receive your recommendation for OHSQuantum Certificationification,
followed by surveillance and renewal activities to ensure maintenance.


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